SWITZERLAND by Joanna Murray-Smith Directed by Dan Foster

by Joanna Murray-Smith


Peggy J. Scott
Daniel Petzold

Scenery by James Fenton
Lighting by Andrew Gmoser
Costumes by Charlotte Palmer-Lane
Original Music & Sound Design by Garrett Hood
Fight Choreography by Jared Kirby
Production Managed by Allison Queen
Stage Managed by Helen Irene Muller
Executive Producers Denise Bessette and Olivia Sklar
Directed by Dan Foster

“Hudson Stage Company has a winner on its hands! Peggy J. Scott is utterly captivating as Highsmith. Her delivery of Highsmith’s bitingly sardonic ruminations is pitch perfect. Edward is the quintessential Highsmith character (no spoilers here) and Daniel Petzold does a beguiling job of slowly peeling back the onion, allowing Edward’s multiple layers to emerge, each time slightly, almost imperceptibly, more self-assured with subtlety and grace. Director Dan Foster deftly weaves the tantalizing plot through its’ many twists and turns with just the right pace, effectively gaining steam as the play progresses. The marvelous sets by James Fenton are practically a third character in the story, revealing great insights into the author’s world and mindset.”

“Stunning. Switzerland is a fascinating two-character piece whose New York premiere has wisely been entrusted to Hudson Stage Company. In every respect—not least the terrific performances by Peggy Scott and Daniel Petzold—HSC’s production is high-caliber.” John McCarthy, ONSTAGE

DATES: April 20- May 5, 2018   
LOCATION: Whippoorwill Hall Theatre

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