Constellations by Nick Payne

by Nick Payne

Faith Sandberg and Ben Paul Williams

Scenery by James J. Fenton
Lighting by Andrew Gmoser
Costumes by David Woolard
Sound by Matt Otto
Stage Managed by Emily Roth
Executive Producers Denise Bessette, Dan Foster, Olivia Sklar
Directed by Mark Shanahan

“Working from Nick Payne’s eloquent, articulate script, director Mark Shanahan crafts a poetic, wholly satisfying, emotionally exciting evening of theater. His “Constellations” is alive with humanity and spirit and buzzes with a flavorful, pungent theatricality that complements the playwright’s cosmic dance of courtship, conflict, fate, death and uncertainty most engagingly.” James V. Ruocco, TAKE 2

“ A virtually flawless production.” John McCarthy, ONSTAGE

“The cast is exceptional. Ben Paul Williams was delightful and disarming with his initial aw-shucks charm, which matured and metamorphosed into a richly complex characterization of the beekeeper. Faith Sandberg brought a depth to Marianne beyond what the playwright put on the page.” Broadway World

Dates: October 190- November 3, 2018
Location: Whippoorwill Hall Theatre

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