A New Play by Gina Barnett
Directed by Dan Foster
Walter Charles
Susan Pellegrino
Aaron Wilton
Tamilla Woodard

Scenery by Dana Kenn
Lighting by Andrew Gmoser
Costumes by Jennifer Caprio
Sound by Jon Kadela
Stage Managed by Olivia Tsang
Executive Producers Denise Bessette & Olivia Sklar

“Foster directs the cast with a preciseness that nails each quirky turn of Barnett’s tale, keeping the focus on the people and away from interest in resolving the mystery of what happened to New York. The background doesn’t matter when three people teaching a fourth how to do the hokey pokey can trigger tears as well as laughter.”
– The Journal News

Apr 28, 2006 – May 13, 2006

Woodward Hall Theatre

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