A New Play by Jeffrey Sweet
Directed by Annette O’Toole

Starring Jeff McCarthy
Keona Welch

Scenic Design by James Fenton
Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser
Costume Design by Leslie Bernstein
Production Manager Doug Ballard

“An eye-opening history lesson. As William M. Kunstler, Jeff McCarthy seduces his audience in Hudson Stage’s newest production— Jeffrey Sweet’s wise and revealing Kunstler.”
-The New York Times

“Along with being admirable theater, a stirring history lesson, and a vivid character portrait, Kunstler, Jeffrey Sweet’s galvanizing play is sure to inspire budding lawyers. Jeff McCarthy, whom Sweet had in mind while writing the script, skillfully shoulders a huge burden.”
– The Journal News

“Mr. McCarthy reminds us most gracefully that there’s a lot more to acting than what’s above the shoulders. He effectively employs effortless physicality – slouching in a chair or flailing linguini limbs — to inhabit his shambling character’s whimsical interludes and sly-as-a-fox flair for courtroom theatrics. His is close to a one-man show, and he pulls it off with aplomb and veracity to spare. With yet another excellent, fresh and thoughtful production on their boards, Hudson Stage producers once again have fulfilled their mission of elevating Westchester theater to big-city heights.”
– Bruce Apar, Town Link

April 26- May 11, 2013

Woodward Hall Theatre

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