by John Patrick Shanley

Davis Hall
Sean Hayden
Susan Pellegrino
Susannah Schulman Rogers

Scenery by David L. Arsenault
Lighting by Andrew Gmoser
Costumes by Charlotte Palmer-Lane
Sound by William Neal
Casting by Cindi Rush Casting
Stage Managed by Stephanie Marie O’Brien
Executive Producers Denise Bessette, Dan Foster, Olivia Sklar
Directed by Dan Foster

“Sometimes, when a thing is beautiful, you should just sit back and say thanks. And tell others…The Hudson Stage production has a lovely feel for the play’s lyrical warmth and openhearted wonder. It’s better than real; it has a touch of magic…Mr. Hayden and Ms. Rogers have marvelous, play-making chemistry, the sort that has its own shimmering aura. As Rosemary, Ms. Rogers is a live wire: potentially dangerous, filled with power and absolutely transfixing. She’s stellar. In the more challenging role, Mr. Hayden makes Anthony an odd orchid in a field of grass; he’s convincingly manly and vulnerable, strong and ashamed…As their parents, Mr. Hall — a quintessentially flinty Irish father — and Ms. Pellegrino have some of the play’s best material, trading blunt and meaningful meditations on parenting and mortality. Ms. Pellegrino has a natural ease that helps the show find its rhythm…We could use more simple beauty in our theater.”
—The New York Times

April 17- May 2, 2015

Whippoorwill Hall Theatre

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