by Conor McPherson

Hamish Allan-Headley
Gemma Baird
Michael Jennings Mahoney
Derry Woodhouse

Scenery by Anna Grigo
Lighting by Andrew Gmoser
Costumes by Charlotte Palmer-Lane
Sound Design and Original Music by Garrett Hood
Stage Managed by Helen Irene Muller
Executive Producers Denise Bessette & Olivia Sklar
Directed by Dan Foster

Shining City is tautly directed by HSC co-founder Dan Foster. A salient feature of McPherson’s plays is how frequently they showcase the art of storytelling, the great oral tradition of one individual standing up in a pub or parlor, for example, and spinning a yarn that captivates listeners. When a piece of theatre is dominated by this kind of storytelling it follows that the talents of the performer delivering the oratory are paramount to the work’s success. And skillful acting isn’t enough. For the stories to ring true on any level, the storyteller must project authenticity and believability with relatively little help from other actors or extraneous stagecraft. Fortunately, Hudson Stage Company’s production is anchored by Derry Woodhouse in the role of John, a guilt-wracked widower haunted by the ghost of his recently departed wife. Credit costume designer Charlotte Palmer-Lane for sending him out in just the right garb, including a perfectly drab jumper. The other design work is also top-notch and faithful to McPherson’s vision.” John McCarthy ONSTAGE

October 13-28, 2017

Whippoorwill Hall Theatre

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