The Olivier Award winning Comedy by Marie Jones
Directed by Dan Foster
Richard Hollis
Jay Stratton

Scenic Design by Steven Kemp
Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser
Costume Design by Leslie Bernstein
Sound Design by William Neal
Stage Managed by Jason Weixelman

Executive Producers Denise Bessette & Olivia Sklar

“A frothy comedy. Hudson Stage Company’s endearing production of “Stones in His Pockets,”(is) amusing and impressive, …real feeling …elegiac imagination.”
– The NY Times

“Don’t miss Hudson Stage’s production of Stones in His Pockets. Marie Jones’ award-winning comedy requires two acting tours de force. Richard Hollis and Jay Stratton tackle the challenge with aplomb. The result is a funny, charming romp in the clover celebrating language, storytelling, laughter and music.”
– The Journal News

“Hudson Stage specializes in professional theater for the thinking theater-goer who says, ‘Go ahead, surprise me, mesmerize me.’ If there’s a Hudson Stage production that didn’t deliver convincingly on both counts, I’ve yet to see it.”
– The Bedford-Review

Dec 2, 2012

Woodward Hall Theatre

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